Click here to stop monitoring a site

Get notifications when your favorite website fails to respond.

  • No accounts to manage
  • No passwords to remember
  • We only need your e-mail address for notifications.
  • We ONLY send failure notices, no newsletters, spam, and we do not sell/share your email address.
  • You can stop the notifications at any time by clicking the "Click here to stop monitoring a site" link above.
  • It's FREE and always will be!


What if I want to monitor a server that is NOT a webserver?
You must allow ICMP pings through your firewall for non-webservers, make sure you only allow our server to ping your site to prevent DDOS attacks! (our server:

Can I check if my server is responding before adding it to the site monitor?
Yes, enter your domain above, select "Online Status" from the drop menu and click "Start Test"

What if I don't have a domain for my server?
You can use the outside IP address instead

How do I find my servers outside IP address?
If you don't know your IP, open on the server you want to monitor and just scroll down. We display our visitors IP in the footer