Building a Quantum Lab

"In order to succeed in certain aspects of scientific research, sometimes you must abandon all previous 'knowledge' and start over."
  - CEO, Supervene LLC

 Our goal is to develop quantum technolgies for testing concepts of our own making. When the average individual thinks of "quantum" stuff in a lab, its not unreasonable that they would imagine millions spent on fancy equipment; but this is not true. Sometimes you need to get back to the basics in order to get things right. Our quantum lab is at the brink of creating quantum entaglement for only hundreds of dollars. We are still developing this cheaper technology and will continue to document our findings as we progress.

Basic Concepts

Laser Builds

A transversely excited atmosphere laser Also known as TEA laser, is a coherent optical source with a wide wavelength range in the infrared, visible and ultraviolet ranges that uses an electrical discharge transverse to produce population inversion and gain in a gas mixture at pressures up to several atmospheres. The simplicity of a TEA laser build was the primary reason for selection in this project. Over several itterations we were able to create a stable, tunable TEA laser with predictable outcomes. Below are the concept build images.

Build 1.

KDP Formation