Building tools for techs.

 Tools for techs-That's our motto at Supervene. We have developed tools to assist with IP to Host conversion, IP detection and scripts to display visitors IP on your own website. This site can also help you troubleshoot DNS related issues by locating your resolving DNS server, fetching DNS records, and retrieving whois data for a domain. We offer many tools, utilities and scripts for download.

We offer free services such as our own home-brew remote access tool and remote support tool to allow you to assist those users you don't already have setup for remote administration.

We have many projects in the works, such as, launching our own dynamic DNS service to go with our soon to be DNS filter service. We also have plans to develop a spam filter. Supervene will continue to develop, test and grow along with your I.T. skill set and who knows, maybe overtime we can become good friends and learn some tricks from one another.

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